Duo Sanna - Ferrari

The duo Ferrari/Sanna was born by pure chance in the spring of 2013, when the Italian and Stockholm based double-bassist Orazio Ferrari and the Italian and Berlin based pianist Marco Sanna met for the first time to play together the Sonata for Cello and Piano in g minor op.65 by Fryderyk Chopin at a Chamber Music Festival in Sweden. Since that success they started a productive partnership.

The core of this duo is performing very important cello repertoire, and not only, on the double-bass at the same cello pitch, without any kind of modification of the text, as well as without any manipulation of the double-bass' tuning.

in September 2015, they filmed the documentary “My Own Double-bass' Singing”  in which they perform some Cello masterworks and extensively explain the aims of their playing in this original combo-duo.

Their first recording project “Chopin & Schumann” (Velut Luna, CVLD245) has been released in June 2014. This

“World Premiere Recording” reached the first position in the new classical album charts in USA and settled in the first positions also in Europe, gaining praiseworth reviews on important international music magazines, such as, among others, “The Strad”, “Gramophone” and "Audiophile".